“Union des Dirigeants Territoriaux de l’Europe” (UDITE), the Union of Local Authority Chief Executives of Europe is a trans-European association for city managers in Europe. The organization has a core membership of 15 national associations in the European countries. The adventure started in Nancy, France, in March 1990.

The aim of the Union is to promote relations between the professional associations of Chief Executives representing European local authorities, to develop exchanges of information, to share professional experiences, to contribute to the enhancement of the role and functions of local authorities and to contribute to the European Union.

Together the national associations have about 15,000 members.

UDITE is administered by an Executive Committee (Bureau) consisting of up to four representatives of each country belonging to the Union. The General Assembly meeting of UDITE takes place each year with four representatives from all the member associations and meets during the bi-annual Conference.

The President of UDITE is the authorized representative of the Union in the daily running of the organization. He or she chairs its meetings and is appointed for two years. Since September 2008 Mr. Byron Davies, United Kingdkom, has been responsible for the presidency of UDITE.

The resources of the union are derived from yearly membership subscription, revenues from rendered services and sponsorships.

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