The UK Government response to “Response with Responsibility”

The UK Government response to “Response with Responsibility: Policy making for Public risk in the 21st Century”

Source: UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, December 2009

Summary (quote)
“The Government welcomes the Risk and Regulation Advisory Council’s (RRAC) report. The Council have delivered tangible results, and have moved the debate on public risk significantly forward. They have shown how policy makers can ensure that their policies benefit from a more rounded consideration of public risk. They have delivered practical and sensible tools and approaches.

The Council’s approach and tools are being promoted in the civil service, to encourage their use in policy making processes across Government.

The Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) will provide independent scrutiny of the policy development process. The RPC will consider public risk as part of their scrutiny process, and the Government will work with them to explore how their work can be informed by the Council’s approach.

The Better Regulation Executive will encourage appropriate engagement by policy makers with groups that shape perceptions and responses to public risk.
The analytical professions in government will also play an important role in ensuring that considerations of public risk are embedded within the policy development process.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will work with the Health and Safety Executive and others over the coming months to commission a research programme to develop the Risk and Regulation Advisory Council’s ideas on public risk and responsibility, including appropriate responses to risk. This programme will build on the RRAC’s comprehensive research seeking to develop practical guidance that will help Government consider the appropriate response and responsibility for public risks.

The Government believes that these measures form the best-value and most appropriate solution given existing initiatives and spending constraints. The Government, along with the bodies mentioned above, will build on the Council’s excellent work, aiming to embed its approach within the culture of policy making across Government. This should lead to more effective policy making and better outcomes for all.

If a Council member revisits this work in a year’s time, the Government would be happy to hear their views on the effectiveness of action in this area.

The Government would like to thank all of the Risk and Regulation Advisory Council members for their valuable contribution to risk and regulatory thinking.”

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