The Strategy Maker

Getafe strategic planning

By Manuel Morajudo Manzanet *

On the 5th of October 2009, within the framework of the Open Days of the European Parliament, the Director Strategic Development of the City of Getafe – Ayuntamiento de Getafe 2.0 – received the UDITE Award in the category “Management” for its developing and implementing the Strategic Plan for Getafe 2010.

This award was preceded by a lengthy selection process of several months. The award gives recognition not only to the councilor of the Strategic Plan, but also the entire organisation of Getafe City Council and in fact to the citizens of the municipality.

The citizens collaborated in the drafting process of the Strategic Plan with the idea of unifying intentions, capabilities and efforts in all discussions and decision making. With this, creating the tools that should enable the City of Getafe to grow harmoniously and rationally and build the future together.

During the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and revision of the Strategic Plan for 2010, Getafe has learned to create a large bank of local statistical data related to the population and its environment.

We have learned to achieve a genuine and thorough portrait of the city and its neighborhoods, this to establish a model of quality of life indicators. We learned to understand the reality of the city changes. It is only possible to understand and anticipate when you believe in a job to be conscientious, courageous and an important every day part of everyone’s live.

“We learned to understand the reality of the city changes”

We have learned to monitor, global, and cross the delegation of the Strategic Plan, with the responsibility for conducting the monitoring, evaluation and review of all municipal policies.

In the need of internal evaluations (strengths and weaknesses) and external (threats and opportunities) of the organs of government, implementation and discussion of the Strategic Plan was necessary. For that matter, it was greatly important to clarify our mission (what is) and vision (which is to be) of any group, organisation or institution.

It was very enlightening to have annual meetings between those who manage, lead or are responsible for developing strategic plans.

Such meetings were set out to discuss; to define the contrast and to select those most suggestive strategic achievements. During the meetings we set standards of good current practices and support. We unified criteria and terms for a better efficiency perspective.

“A common strategy is all about commitment”

We learned about the need to maintain, from any administration request, but especially from the city, the following commitments:

Social Commitment: The local level is the strategic space of political action and the future of democracy. There is need for the development of citizenship rights, and for an opportunity to realize new social rights of the upcoming generation. We need a commitment to make progress towards the equality and social justice. To imagine new forms of participation and enjoyment of the freedoms and rights of citizenship. And all of this always in the interest of better social cohesion.

Cultural Commitment: We need cultural commitment, because culture is an area of freedom, solidarity and tolerance, human growth and social development. It generates values, contributes to economic development and innovation, and places our presence and way of life in the world.

“Therefore, we opt for a city of social values”

Commitment to Sustainability: We need commitment to sustainability for the growth of the city. It is necessary to have the participation of social partners and the public to achieve the necessary transparency in decision making. It should be collective and, above all, articulating management through well-defined goals in strategic projects and sustainable development models.

Commitment to ethical solidarity: Last but not least it is important to have commitment ethical solidarity. For we must always uphold the primacy of ethical commitment as the best formula to achieve the highest level in values: tolerance, solidarity, justice and equity in the daily life of every group are utterly important.

Therefore, we opt for a city of social values. This is necessary to define a series of social values to identify our city, such as (apart from those already mentioned), mobility, experience , progress, diversity, excellence, professionalism, competitiveness, proximity or secularism.

* Manuel Morajudo Manzanet is Director Strategic Development of the City of Getafe