Risk management in support for budget-cutting

By: Ed Mallens, Board member PRIMO Nederland

This year PRIMO Nederland started with the implementation of its Business-plan 2010, as approved by the Board at a meeting held last February. The main objectives are to sustain the knowledge on public risk management and to expand the profile of PRIMO Nederland in the Governmental markets of Local and Regional Authorities and Water Management Boards.

Mr. Eric Frank has been invited by the board, to assume the position of Director of PRIMO Nederland. We are delighted to have such an experienced, professional communications manager on our board. Eric will represent PRIMO-Nederland in various meetings, seminars, congresses, annual meetings and networking events. He will focus on the corporate image of PRIMO Nederland, the development of links to our current and future strategic partners and the continuity in the events that PRIMO Nederland is going to organize this year and in 2011. Eric will also update our web-site, so that it will become the main focus point for all our members and associates in relation to risk management, its implementation, the knowledgebase and the documentation, for the public sector.

The Round Table, organized by PRIMO Nederland, was held on the 27th of May in the seaside city of Noordwijk. Together with RISNET, PRIMO Nederland and 18 leading representatives of infrastructural organizations, discussed the Financial Crisis and the consequences of cutting budgets and investments for the next four to six years by 20 – 35 %. The discussion chaired by Prof. P. B. Boorsma, PhD, at Twente University. The round table was very successful and led to some clear conclusions, i.e.:
– The risk profile of a public organization must be based on a holistic view with a regular 360 degree scan.
– The use of a risk management reference and a practical guide, – tailor-made for public organizations, is urgently needed.
– Risk management must become part and parcel of daily communication within every office and level of a public organization.
– The knowledge of the risk management essentials must increase from 3 % to 85 – 95 % for all workers and managers employed within public organizations.

Both organizations, RISNET and PRIMO Nederland will cooperate in building models and practical guides for the eventual use of risk management-practices within infrastructural projects as well as organize activities, based on a holistic approach. The well known methodology of RISMAN will be used as the basis of the exercise, together with the main views and guidelines on risk management. At the end of 2010 the results will be presented, published and distributed to the above mentioned leading representatives, PRIMO Nederland- and RISNET-members as well as to the national and international risk management specialists.
PRIMO Nederland will use the references of the recently published Risk Management Principles and Guidelines by the Dutch Standard Institute, NEN and the ISO Institute. With this actual view on how to use and implement Risk Management successfully in public organizations PRIMO Nederland will expand its expertise and consultative activities to its members and to other professional organizations who are related to PRIMO Nederland.

There are vast possibilities to make the organization more successful, stronger against future hazards and hungry for success. Just take the three steps of looking at, and tailoring the Risk Management principles, the
framework, and the risk management process.

We invite our members and associated to use the risk management process in their day to day business, the strategic view and decision making, the planning- & control-cycle, as well as the reporting, auditing communication practice. PRIMO Nederland is very willing to inform and advise about this risk management. Do not hesitate to contact us!