Risk Management in Europe

fotoRisk management in Europe: the view of Luc Van den Brande, Chairman of the Committee of the Regions.

PRIMO Europe is founded to enhance the governance of public risk, in all its aspects, in Europe. In the light of this European cooperation, a delegation of PRIMO Europe visited Luc Van den Brande, chairman of the Committee of the Regions in Europe, on Friday the 20th of March. After the acquaintance and a brief presentation about PRIMO Europe’s vision, aims and goals, we discussed our approach of risk management as a true part of public management and public governance.

Key subjects we discussed: the role of politics versus management, and the principle of subsidiarity and the strengthening of this by a systematic and holistic approach. Could this be the key to a better use and implementation of this principle? Yes it can!

Risks are insufficiently identified nowadays in public governance. The more stakeholders there are, the more complex governmental question are to be saved. Is it the mutual gain approach of Harvard University or a common sense but healthy, sound and clear approach in the context of European thinking wich can bridge the gap. Risk management is a way of preparing policy matters. This new way of approaching and managing public risks is dawning. It is about detecting risks in an early state, especially between the governmental layers. Finally PRIMO Europe is focussed on sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices between CEO’s but also public leaders, mayors, alderman, managers, senior advisors, policymakers etcetera within the public domain in general and within the local and regional communities in particular. This means PRIMO Europe is founded for all positions within public governance. The core goals of PRIMO Europe are focussed on the holistic heart of risk management within the public sector and on public risk at his own. It is in the heart of the triangle “public policy, public management and society and its natural environment”.

Luc Van den Brande showed interest on behalf of the Committee of the Regions in public governance, public management and risk management. The Committee experiences too little interaction between actors in the field. That is why the Committee thinks actors situated at different territorial levels should communicate with each other on lots of issues. This is called “Multi Level Governance” . The multi-level governance theory crosses the traditionally separate domains of domestic and international politics and highlights the increasingly fading distinction between these domains in the context of European integration. Luc Van den Brande likes to add a dimension: civil services. Mister Van den Brande thinks it is important to detect risks in civil services in local and regional areas and to share knowledge, experiences and best practices! PRIMO Europe brings forward a new dimension and the Committee of the Region senses interfaces for synergy and cooperation! So a new partnership is dawning. We invite them to be cobranded on our coming Risk Survey.

Risk management could be the forgotten link and key to good governance? Within a few weeks we will elaborate further possibilities for cooperation.