Re-Thinking Public Risk


By Jack P. Kruf

This newly designed PRIMO Magazine is dedicated to the process of rethinking of public risk. The term is so ambiguous that we think that more focus and precision in the use of the term public risk is needed.

In fact public risk is closely linked to public value. Based on COSO II and ISO 31000 public risk can be defined as a deviation of our desired quality of life. It is not only risk  within public organisations but in the public domain itself: our cities, neighbourhoods and streets. It is about our values, societal, environmental and even personal.

In this edition we focus on relevant research, best-practices, views and insights. PRIMO was founded to support the addressing of relevant uncertain factors which stand in the way of quality of our public domain. We know about the huge complexity, political dynamics, constant interference and diversity of the stakes and interests of its holders. We care about good governance.

We work hard to enhance knowledge sharing by selection high quality information. We welcome you to our newly designed magazine.

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