Public Perceptions of Climate Change as a Human Health Risk

Surveys of the United States, Canada and Malta

Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

“We used data from nationally representative surveys conducted in the United States, Canada and Malta between 2008 and 2009 to answer three questions: Does the public believe that climate change poses human health risks, and if so, are they seen as current or future risks? Whose health does the public think will be harmed? In what specific ways does the public believe climate change will harm human health? When asked directly about the potential impacts of climate change on health and well-being, a majority of people in all three nations said that it poses significant risks; moreover, about one third of Americans, one half of Canadians, and two-thirds of Maltese said that people are already being harmed.”

“About one third of Maltese (31%) said they were most concerned about the risk to themselves and their families.” Read more >