Partnership for Good Governance

RISKOSOFT and PRIMO signed an agreement to strengthen good governance of public organisations and companies, starting the 1st of July 2016. Pascal Lele, general director of RISKOSOFT, John O’Dea, Secretary General of PRIMO and Jack Kruf, President of PRIMO, signed the agreement last week in Brussels.

In recent years almost all types of organisations are confronted with the principles of good governance, transparency and efficiency. Responsibility and accountability have become crucial elements, such by the strong will of the governments of countries and by  European Union. All organisations needed to adapt a new environment and context of risk management leading to significant challenges:

  • Continuous improvement of their governance and performance.
  • Development of their investments.
  • Ensuring the relevance and coherence of projects undertaken.
  • Strengthening ethics and transparency.
  • Contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of countries to diversify their sources of growth and their territorial and human development.

PRIMO “cares about good governance” and has the aim to support officials and managers in the need for management of public values related risks in modern Europe. Its objective is to inculcate the culture of good governance risk, one of the greatest contemporary challenges for public sector and private organizations. It aspires to cooperation and cohesion for effectiveness and efficiency in the development of risk management. Risk management is a critical component of good governance.

With the new environments of ISO 31000:2009, Basel III and Solvency II the board of PRIMO has decided to give organisations in public and private sector a more concrete support in their management and governance. It is time to address more systematically than before the uncertainties and risks in strategic and tactical level operations.

There are many ways of doing this, but it is our believe that a fundamental approach is necessary. An approach which combines the new legislation on risk management, strategic level management, operations, people and finance. We believe in the principle of  learning organisations where facts create information for change, innovation and correction in an open and respectful way.

cca411f98266b2ca1a3af0b72e89c43bIn the light of the new regulatory environment it is the combination of registration (data crucial indicators in operations, people and finance), open dialogue between management and employees and solid decisions by management, which is essential for good governance.

This new approach offers the ultimate chance to combine top-down and bottom-up processes within organisations, to connect operations with strategy vice versa and to combine uncertainties, risks and good governance in a very natural and holistic way.

Organisations can really win in good governance using this approach. PRIMO agreed on a partnership with RISKOSOFT to support its members in enterprise risk management in a comfortable way, with a no-nonsense approach and with all legislative knowledge on board.

This French organization focuses on companies and utilities worldwide. With them we believe we can  give a boost to corporate risk management through the use of dedicated software, consulting and education in the different countries. The coming months both organisation will prepare their approach for 15 organisations to implement this new approach.