Moral Emotions and Intuitions

Author: Sabine RoeserTU Delft | Palgrave McMillan

“In Moral Emotions and Intuitions Sabine Roeser very ably sketches a new theory of moral judgments. She blends traditional intuitionism’s commitment to rationality and ethical realism with the best recent work in the philosophy and psychology of emotions to produce an excitingly attractive view that she calls Affectual Intuitionism. Along the way, she provides a handy guide to the intuitionist literature.’ – Robert C. Roberts, Baylor University, USA

‘Sabine Roeser’s Moral Emotions and Intuitions proposes a novel theory of the nature and interconnections of intuition, moral judgment, emotion, and moral knowledge. She has much to say about each of these, often fruitfully drawing on the insights of Thomas Reid, and she defends provocative views about both emotions and moral knowledge. This book will engage both ethical theorists and moral psychologists.’ – Robert Audi, John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, USA

‘This is an important book, which engages with two topics which are at the centre of recent debates in ethics: the role of intuitions in our ethical deliberations; and the role of emotions in our intuitions. Roeser argues that ethical intuitions are paradigmatically moral emotions. This view she calls ‘affectual intuitionism. … this book does raise important issues regarding the role of intuition and emotion in our ethical deliberations, and it will be a starting-point for much future debate.’ – Peter Goldie (1946-2011), University of Manchester, in Philosophical Quarterly.”

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