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You are most welcome to join our association, a network of public leaders, CEO’s, management, advisors, experts and students on to public risk management, all over Europe. With your membership you support our focus in general and our initiatives and projects in particular on good public governance.

Corporate membership
Cities, Provinces, Ministries, Waterboards, non-profit organisations, universities, non-governmental institutions or hereto related organisations can become an associate member. The fee is € 3000,00 per year ex VAT with the possibility to register for up to 30 persons, with all the benefits.

If the organization represents a country or a region, the membership can be extended towards a PRIMO Chapter. This must be approved by the board. For making use of the name, the logo, house style, web facilities and use of products and services of PRIMO there is an extra fee of € 2.000,00 per year ex VAT. A PRIMO Chapter representative can be formally elected into the board of PRIMO Europe, the umbrella organization.

If you are a private company you can also become a business member of PRIMO. The fee is € 6.000,00 per year ex VAT.

Expert  membership 
You can subscribe as an individual member and enjoy the benefits. Your subscription will be handled with care and synchronized with possible national initiatives. You will be served by PRIMO Europe. The fee for an expert membership is € 250,00 per year ex VAT if you are an employee of a public, scientific or non-profit organisation and do want to have the benefits of the complete portfolio (inclusive the possibility to use Kaleidoscope and FORTE for your organisation) and do want to have the possibility to be electable for the board.

There is an expert membership for € 50,00 per year ex VAT without the possibility to use Kaleidoscope and FORTE for your organisation. For membership of employees of business organisations the expert membership fees are € 500 per year ex VAT, respectively € 100,00 per year ex VAT.

Students can have a free membership.


  • Association/network organisation for public risk management.
  • Website, quarterly digital magazine (with Governance Connect), weekly newsletters, scientific articles, agenda.
  • Platform for governance dialogue.
  • Connects public administrations, science and private knowledge institutes.
  • Invitations for round tables and 50% reduced fee for round tables, seminars and yearly conference.
  • Improving accessibility of best  practices, publications and persons.
  • Offering and supporting development of trainings, workshops and master courses and -classes.

Upgrade your membership to a partnership
For more visibility and exposure, for more involvement in the business development of our association. This is possible. Your organizational membership can be expanded to a silver, gold or platinum partnership.

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