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Sharing the knowledge

PRIMO is focused on the selective collection, tagging and categorizing of the most relevant news, publications, best-practices, organizations and persons in the world of Public Risk Management and Governance AND making this collection accessible to everyone.

Together with our members, partners and our Scientific Council we have developed a European Library (in English) which is accessible to members and non-members. PRIMO National Chapters have their own library, which is country specific. These are also directly accessible.

Web Library

Our Library is available to everyone, and is particularly interesting and valuable for all members of PRIMO Europe. The PRIMO website offers an easy search system, whereby pressing a tag will take you directly to the chosen library.
You can also use the search engine at the top of the screen and type in any keyword related to the subject you are seeking. You can also combine the tags and the search engine. You will find the tags at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

The tags are organized alphabetically but are in fact grouped in three categories:
· Risk Aspect – (control, culture, identification)
· Field Related – (environment, economic, build & construct)
· Source – (presentation, article, guide).

These three categories encompass links to all the relevant literature, lists of experts and institutions.

Web Links

We have also added web links, a short list of relevant risk management organisations.