Founding and Mission

The association Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO) is placed under Belgian Law as “PRIMO Europe vzw” on the 6th of December 2007 in Brussels and constituted in compliance with Title III of the Belgian Law of 27th of June 1921 (as amended by the Law of 2nd of May, 2002) as an international non-profit association.
It is founded by UDITE (Union des Dirigeants Territoriaux de l’Europe, The Union of Local Authority Chief Executives of Europe) in cooperation with EIRM (European Institute for Risk Management) and Marsh.

PRIMO is established with the aim of advancing the knowledge and use of risk management within the local governmental sector, as well as the public sector at large, in Europe. To achieve this purpose PRIMO Europe will provide a comprehensive web library with risk management information, newsletters, education and conferences.

PRIMO’s long-term aim is to establish risk management as a natural and integral part of good public governance. It comprises a pan-European umbrella organization of independent PRIMO national chapters and other organizations within the public sector 16 European countries, covering 16.000 managers.

PRIMO has founded several national chapters: PRIMO Cypro, PRIMO Danmark, PRIMO France, PRIMO Malta, PRIMO Nederland, PRIMO Sverige and PRIMO Vlaanderen. The mother-organization PRIMO Europe strives for the maximum of synergy between the national chapters, as well as actually cooperate with other risk management organizations throughout Europe.

Member of PRIMO Europe are the existing PRIMO National Chapters as well as the National Associations for city managers which are also a member of UDITE.

PRIMO will integrate local government executives, public leaders and specialist from all parts of the public sector, this by organising conferences and seminar in close cooperation with UDITE and the Committee of the Regions.

PRIMO will attract specialists from private companies, risk organisations and universities working with the public sector. PRIMO has several partners in the private sector.


  • Our association seeks to enhance the knowledge and use of risk management within the local and regional public sector, as well as the public sector at large, in Europe:
    PRIMO’s network supports both the day-to-day and long term work of public sector managers.
  • PRIMO’s purpose is to disseminate knowledge of modern risk management practices to European public sector managers.
  • PRIMO’s primary aim is to support public sector managers in their daily decision making on risk management issues.
  • PRIMO’s long term aim is to establish risk management as a natural and integral part of good public governance.

Leading the way in public governance
On the 12th of December 2008, the board and General Assembly agreed the business plan for 2009-2012: “Leading the way in New Public Management”. This to underline the fact that risk management per se has in fact within the public domain of Europe its main focus on the new ’emerging’ public management. This arises from the trends and development of politics, society and management. It offers new ways for innovation and new chances for both individuals, organization and society, this with the dramatic reduce uncertaintees and improvement of success.

The businessplan gives an overview of the focus of our association, the mission, aims and targets and gives an outline of the organisational approach. Furthermore there is the focus on the benefits and constraints for members and partners, as well as the products and services which are available. Portfolio and brand are described as well as the development of the association the coming years. If you are interested in a copy of the businessplan please feel free to contact us.

Sharing the knowledge
PRIMO will collect, develop and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge and solid and useful knowledge of public risk management and disseminate this primarily through websites (web library), monthly newsletters, (online) courses, conferences, and other educational initiatives to improve risk decisions and the handling of public risk issues. It is quit a challenge for us to linkg the theoretical and scientific knowledge with the experience and day-to-day life of the managers in the public domain and with the management tools within the public sector.

Truly European
PRIMO do want to create awareness of the benefits of public risk management on an international basis. Therefor initiate development projects concerning risk issues and risk management on a regional and international basis.

PRIMO is building up intellectual and social capital in order to position itself as a referential body on international-wide risk issues in relation to e.g. the EU, and other international organisations.

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