FORTE Framework for Good Governance®

Focus: ‘The art of governance design and security’.

We hereby inform you that PRIMO Europe is formally approved – on the 28th of July 2020 – in its registration of FORTE Framework for Good Governance® as a trademark in the Benelux as well as that we have registered FORTE® as our idea/concept/set of thoughts as is education/consultancy product/service via i-Depot until 2024 for a broader use worldwide.

The idea
The need for an integrated and transdisciplinary public governance approach is essential to enable leaders and organisations to truly deliver the electorally promised and democratically chosen values related to the public domain, i.e. society and nature as a whole.

The governance of delivering public values is challenging and even under pressure. Governance needs a thorough reflection, given the fact that public risks are emerging on a large scale. In the last 15 years, PRIMO has recorded many public risks in its network throughout Europe.

PRIMO surveyed and studied under leaders the crucial elements of governance to contribute to a more focused, coordinated and effective governance. They are addressed in an integrated framework FORTE®. The framework offers the possibility to uniquely co-create and tap the knowledge of your team, employees and clients.

With FORTE® you can
Public and business surveys of the last 15 years show us that if content and governance are not well connected, risks will emerge. The World Economic Forum published in this period yearly Global Risks Reports, showing the evolution in risks. Also the Lloyds City Risk Index is a good example of systematic monitoring of risk. Sometimes within acceptable (mostly, ex-post defined) margins, but more and more crossing the line of what we define as good governance. The scale of emerging risks seems to increase, underline the need for cooperation between all stakeholders and more precise thinking and acting. With FORTE® you can. It is available for members.