EIPA Seminar Risk Management & Internal Control

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Key Items of Good Governance for Local Governments

Rescheduled for April 2014

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Target group
This seminar is designed for civil servants of local governments with an interest in two important items of good governance: risk management and internal control. Of course, other stakeholders involved in control systems, such as local politicians, are also invited to participate.

Nowadays there is a lot of attention focused on the functioning of local government for good governance. Due to the worldwide financial and economic situation, every local government organisation must deal with reduced budgets. It is a challenge to reach goals whilst budgets are simultaneously being cut drastically; all kinds of risks can occur.

Key items in good governance are risk management and internal control. What are the risks and how can we reduce them? Internal control is an important control measure that can reduce risks. Are the working processes at a level at which they can be trusted from the point of view of good governance?

During the seminar participants will discuss these issues with each other and with the speakers, as well as working on concrete examples of internal control and good governance.

Learning methodology
Combination of presentations and working groups.

The seminar will focus on strategic thinking about the development of work processes, with the goal of reaching the qualification of “good governance”. The participants will go home with an overview of risk management and internal control based on the knowledge they will receive over the two days.

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