Author: Tom Wustenberghs, President PRIMO Europe
Source: RISK Management & Governance, Edition 6, Summer 2010

It is very tempting to dedicate this editorial and this issue to the financial and economic crisis that we have been experiencing for almost two years and the effects this has on the budgets of public organisations. I will not do so. there has been enough debate on this subject. We at PRIMO aim to look forward and to invest in the future. This is therefore the central theme of this issue.

Since our last issue of PRIMO’s RISK Magazine we have progressed forward to strengthen our organisation. We have intensified our contacts with partner organizations like Udite, marsh and alarm. Together we wish to continue in our pursuit to be a useful and aiding partner for public authorities and to be a continuing network organisation which of importance
for citymanagers, officials and other organisations.

This coming year we will invest more strongly in our communication strategy and the development of products for our members. We have already
got a communication plan, and it is now the time to make the next step from talking about communication, to communicating effectively. Or with other words: from plan to action, from ideas to products.

We will continue to invest in our current partners and national chapters as well as to invest in possible new partners. and with that to be able to achieve our goal to make PRIMO Europe the centre for knowledge on risk management for all organizations in the public sector.

As previously mentioned, PRIMO is an organisation that doesn’t look back, but instead pushed forward. And this was the theme of our round table on june 10 in Brussels where we spoke about the topic of public private partnerships and the effect of the financial and economic crisis.

The aim of this discussion was to look for chances and calculated risks for cities intending to invest in public private partnerships in a time of economic and financial recession. When cities have to deal with budget cuts and the private sector is under stress, is investing in PPP then a waste of time and money or is it a calculated risk? Can investing in PPP in the end be a win-win situation? And what can public authorities do to make PPP a success for both partners even in a difficult time?

In this issue you will find, apart from the familiar topics and news items, columns by experts who give their views on this topic and we will look back on our round table and give a short summary on what has been said and the conclusions we came upon.

Tom Wustenberghs, President PRIMO Europe