Competencies for Risk Managers

drennan-lynncropped26th March 2009, Alarm Launches National Competencies for Risk Managers White Paper. We recommend to join this project, managed by Peter Andrews, Vice Chair of Alarm.

The National Competencies for Risk Managers Discussion Document sets out a definition of the role of the public risk managers and the skills, behaviours, knowledge and understanding which underpin effective performance in the role.

The purpose of the Document (second draft) is to encourage members to give their views on what a set of National Competencies for Risk Managers should cover and how the attributes of an effective risk manager should be defined. The resulting National Competencies will form the basis of an ‘industry standard’ for the professional development of public risk managers.

Lynn Drennan: “We would be very pleased to have this discussion document brought under the attention of PRIMO members. We are seeking feedback from many individuals and organizations on this piece of work, and would welcome a more European-wide perspective.”

We recommend all our members to participate in this project. The document is open for comment and comments should be emailed to