Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know

By: Peter W. Singer, Allan Friedman | Oxford University Press Dependence on computers has had a transformative effect on human society. Cybernetics is now woven into the core functions of virtually every basic institution, including our oldest ones. War is one such institution, and the digital revolution’s impact on it has been profound. T he American military, which has no peer, is […]

Reflections on Education

By John O’Dea Some weeks ago, I was invited, or rather coerced into giving a talk about PRIMO to my granddaughter’s class for careers day. I loaded the PowerPoint presentation that I prepared tracing the organisation’s development from its birth as an idea and a concept on the 1st April 2005 to what it is today – the premier public […]

Renewing PP-Partnership

By Eulalio Avila Cano  & Rainier D-Haussonville. Infrastructure investment needs in Europe are driven by consumer trends and expectations, climate and resources pressures as well as the need to meet the requirements and objectives of an evolving European regulatory framework. It is paramount that the current economic circumstances and generalized public budgetary constraints do not take their toll on implementations […]

Public Values and Risks

By Jack Kruf. From the many meetings with public leaders and city managers in the last five years emerged a personal (growing) conviction that the interpretations and definitions of the terms ‘public value’ and hereto related ‘public risk’  have become highly diversified. This diversification makes a sharp and focused dialogue between institutions (business, media, non-profit, government and science) in the […]

A Reflection: Developments in Public Administration

By Harrie Scholtens* The developments in public administration over the last decade could be called intense.  Economic circumstances, technological developments, citizens demanding integrity: they all make radical changes in public administration necessary. That’s what this article is about. Political environment How different is the behaviour of a member of a Parliament or town council from 20 years ago, and from today? […]

Global Risks Report 2014

World Economic Forum “The Global Risks 2014 report highlights how global risks are not only interconnected but also have systemic impacts. To manage global risks effectively and build resilience to their impacts, better efforts are needed to understand, measure and foresee the evolution of interdependencies between risks, supplementing traditional risk management tools with new concepts designed for uncertain environments. If […]