Moral Emotions and Intuitions

Author: Sabine Roeser | TU Delft | Palgrave McMillan “In Moral Emotions and Intuitions Sabine Roeser very ably sketches a new theory of moral judgments. She blends traditional intuitionism’s commitment to rationality and ethical realism with the best recent work in the philosophy and psychology of emotions to produce an excitingly attractive view that she calls Affectual Intuitionism. Along the way, she provides a […]

Global Risks Report 2010

“Forty years ago, the inaugural Meeting of what would later become the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was held in Davos. At this historic milestone in the life of the organization comes the fifth edition of the Forum’s Global Risks Report, Global Risks 2010. Throughout its previous editions, this report has outlined some of the top issues most likely to come […]