PRIMO Risk Management Award

Introduction The PRIMO Risk Management Award has been launched in 2007 by the board of PRIMO Europe to recognise the efforts and standards being achieved across our cities and regions towards creating and implementing risk management mechanisms for safer and efficient environments. The award is for innovative approaches to risk management which show real benefits in terms of improved processes, […]

Saint-Etienne and pandemic flu

The city of Saint-Etienne has taken a renewing initiative to arm itself (the workforce)) against the risk of a pandemic flu. This initiative is a pilot, a remedy to improve the processes. The initiative can be fully integrated into all running projects. The aim of such system is maintaining an optimal level of services and simultaneously protection of the workforce […]

Didier Raciné in Scientific Council

Didier Raciné, Directeur du développement EISTI, Président de l’Euro Méditerranéenne des Risques, Directeur du Mastère Spécialisé “Gestion des Risques sur les Territoires” will step into the scientific council of PRIMO Europe. With Didier Raciné we welcome a very experienced and respected professor in risk management, not only in France but throughout Europe. He has an excellent network within the European […]

International Katrina Project (IKP)

Public Risk Management has everything to do with Cooperation. Well, this new project is focussed on nothing else then that. Katrina is metaphor for setting up and developing a cross organisational and international cooperation. Not easy. Therefor challenging. PRIMO Europe underlines the scope of the project and will investigate how it best can contribute to and participate in this project. […]

Three Risk Framing Devices

By John Adams Today risk management seems a booming term. Every day politicians, managers and experts use the term, in close relation to the financial crisis we face today. And every day the term is often mispronounced and not used in the right context. It is wat happened with the term sustainable. It has thousands and thousands of interpretations. So […]

Global Risks Report 2009

World Economic Forum Preface by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman World Economic Forum “2009 will be a year of learning the lessons of the financial crisis; a year where its reach in terms of time and scope becomes more evident; a year that calls for a new financial architecture to be shaped. At the same time, it will be […]