Bridging the gap

The start of this year saw the publication of the 2010 Salary and Status Survey which has given us a valuable insight into the position, responsibilities, reporting lines, salary and benefits received by our members. it also reveals that members are more likely to have a degree and earn above the average salary for public sector employees.

2010 has also seen the launch of the Alarm & CIPFA Risk Management Benchmarking club. Open to any organization within the public sector, the club currently has 105 members and is based on Alarm’s National Performance Model for Risk Management in Public Services published in 2009. Membership of the Benchmarking club will provide access to a performance measurement tool which was initially conceived by an Alarm special Interest Group, comprising professional, practicing risk managers, and developed into its final version in collaboration with leading risk management consultants, Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

A report on the overall results of the first benchmarking exercise will be issued towards the end of 2010. alarm has been working with maven training to develop public sector specific Management of Risk (M_o_R®) training courses. M_o_R® is the UK Government’s Office of Government Commerce accredited management of risk course and is especially useful for managers, directors and support staff involved with, or setting up, a system to deal with practical management of business risk.

Working with Alarm, Maven has tailored this course for the needs of public service managers and staff, with both the case studies and the examinations based on scenarios relating to the public sector.

The Alarm Annual Conference and Exhibition was held in Southport from 27th to 29th june 2010. this year’s theme is ‘Bridging the gap’, reflecting the need for public service bodies to narrow the gap between their position today and their aspirations for tomorrow. With the public sector finding itself facing challenges it did not anticipate a few years ago the alarm conference will be focusing on how public services can build bridges between risk management and service delivery across their organizations. alarm is pleased to offer PrImo members the alarm member delegate fee rate – for more information please click here.

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