Management of risks for future success!

When uncertainty strikes – the structured management of risks and quality is crucial for future success!

In today’s demanding times for policy-makers and public sector organisations in Europe, PRIMO and KDZ, therefore, join forces to offer comprehensive training and guideline for boosting public administration towards sustainability and resilience especially in a future crisis. The cooperation of PRIMO as leading European expert network for public risk management and KDZ as leading European expert center for quality management and CAF (Common Assessment Framework) enable out of the box approaches to further development of public sector organizations. It ensures added value and high benefits for the participants.

In our 3-module-based training, we aim to enable participants to understand the challenges, developing strategies to counter them, and get to know frameworks and tools, to implement within their organisation. Furthermore, within the interactive sessions, participants can even train on specific tools, engineered to optimize risk- and quality management – as a whole system and targeted on specific policy fields.

Come join us, overcoming challenges by finding out-of-the-box solutions.


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