Uncertainty in Economic Behaviour

Uncertainty and Challenges in Contemporary Economic Behaviour

Ercan Özen and Simon Grima*

Every day presents new challenges as the face of global economics changes. But in a world of uncertainty, how is the world of finance and economics adjusting to address these new issues?

In this first book in the Emerald Studies in Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management, expert contributors from around the world come together to discuss and address the emerging issues in global economics. Including chapters on international migration in Europe, theories on finance and accounting, labour studies, international economic policy and its effect, affecting factors on financial and capital markets, and the relationship between internal stock markets, Uncertainty and Challenges in Contemporary Economic Behaviour tackles the questions, concerns, and fears of the modern face of global economics.

A fundamental text for any researcher or student of business and economics, this exciting new series investigates and examines some of the most prevalent questions in contemporary economics. Read more

*Simon is a member of the board of PRIMO Europe

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