The Urban Resilience Strategy of Rotterdam

Source: 100 Resilient Cities.

Rotterdam formally published its resilience strategy on the 16th of May 2016. The executive summary is very clear about the new concept of approaching city management and public governance and the ambitious goals for the near future.

“We must come together in a holistic way to face our challenges and take actions that can enhance resilience going forward”.

Some of our biggest challenges and transitions include: a changing economy driven more by sharing and technological innovation; a different climate resulting from predicted climate change; and changes in society and democracy driven by a move away from top-down hierarchy to a more bottom up approach with much greater levels of community and citizen involvement.

In 2030, Rotterdam will be a city where:

  • Strong citizens respect each other and are continuously developing themselves
  • The energy infrastructure provides for an efficient and sustainable energy supply in port and city
  • Climate adaptation has penetrated into mainstream of city operations and water has added value for the city and our watermanagement system is cyberproof
  • The underground is being used in such a way that it supports the growth and development of the city
  • We have embraced digitization without making us dependant, and we have ensured a best practice level of cyber security
  • Self organization in the city gets enough room and a flexible local government supports if really needed
  • Resilience is part of our daily thinking and acting.

Explore online or download Rotterdam Resilience Strategy.

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