Economic crisis forming a social crisis

The social crisis warrants as much political commitment as the banking crisis

Source: Committee of the Regions

03.06.2010 – Europe’s financial and economic crisis is increasingly becoming a social crisis too, and is testing European solidarity to the limit. The EU’s territorial cohesion and public confidence in European integration are both at stake. At their plenary session, to be held on 9 and 10 June 2010, the elected representatives of Europe’s regions and local authorities, meeting as members of the Committee of the Regions, will voice the public’s expectations for the European Union and its ability to deal with the current crisis.

The adoption of a resolution on the “Broad economic and employment guidelines 2010” will echo these concerns and underline the call from regions and local authorities for rigorous efforts by every level of government to ensure that the impact of the economic crisis on public finances does not lead to a social crisis, which could have devastating repercussions. In other words, what is needed is the same political decisiveness that was shown in the bailout of banks last year. Read more >

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