The digital future of government services

Frank Weise, Cordence, Global Head of Public Sector & Health Care 

“Digitization is not only changing our business environment introducing completely new disruptive business models but is also offering completely new perspectives to enhance government services in terms of citizen or client centricity, accessibility of services, quality and efficiency.

Looking at the demographic developments in many mature economies, digitization can be one solution to conserve knowledge and guarantee delivery of government services while a whole generation of public servants is retiring. 

The Cordence Worldwide (CWW) network met in Berlin in May 2018 to bring together our global knowledge and experience in the public sector and to develop ideas of the future of government services. Facilitator of the meeting was our CEO of CWW, Andrew Keene and Frank Weise, Global Head of Public Sector & Health Care. Our experts are covering the United States, United Kingdom, China, Korea, Australia, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as the Netherlands, France, Hungary and the Middle East. Regarding the digital future of government services, we shared and exchanged our perspectives from different economies, public services, political models and cultures. In the following, CWW wants to share the meeting results and major recommendations coming out of this discussion with the broader public to give impetus to the development of government services, hoping to make best use of the digital opportunities.” 

This publication combines the point of view of our experts on the digital future of government services. 

  • Chapter 1: focuses on data security, privacy and the future of government in the new era of “dataism”. Our expert Zoltan Tanács from IFUA / Horváth & Partners in Hungary answered to the topic around the transparent citizen. 
  • Chapter 2: describes what citizen journeys will look like in the digital future. Our experts Andrew Pennycuick and Craig Spence from North Highland in the UK answered questions around the challenges in making citizen journeys digital by default.
  • Chapter 3: talks about disruptive technologies. Our expert Mark Dunwell from North Highland in the UK answered questions around which disruptive technologies will help solving tomorrow’s public sector challenges.
  • Chapter 4: looks at change management, pointing out that successful digitization requires more than just technology. Our expert Ageeth Telleman, managing partner at Twynstra Gudde in the Netherlands answered to the questions on how governmental organizations can adapt to disruptive change.

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