The development of Cyber Insurance

Cyber Risk & Insurance Forum (CRIF)
“In Boardrooms around the world cyber insurance is an important subject that is gaining in profile and importance. In this article Daljitt Barn, Cyber Director of PwC, looks at the how the Cyber Insurance Sector has evolved over the past four years and what the next few years may bring.
For purists out there, I acknowledge that what might be termed Cyber Insurance has been around as a specialty line for some years. More recently hacking and data losses, that have been increasing globally have been a real wake up call, highlighting to many the value and importance of the Insurance needed to cover the Cyber risks business faces.
Looking back over the past four years shows that some of the world’s most prestigious organisations have felt the impact of major breaches – incidents that could compromise not only valuable digital property, but also their physical security.” Read more >

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