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Alarm Risk Management Toolkit


Alarm, the public risk management association has launched a new Risk Management Toolkit. Developed in association with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, the Toolkit builds on Alarm’s Core Competencies in Public Service Risk Management and has been designed to provide a ‘how to’ guide to the management of risk in public service organisations.

The Alarm Risk Management Toolkit differs from other risk management guides as it has been designed specifically for individuals working in a public service environment who have responsibility for managing risk or are tasked with implementing or improving the management of risk across their organisation.

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Gateway Review Process

One of the key factors in risk management is control over your programme or project. The Office of Government Commerce (OGC), developed a review process te enhance the quality of management.

Source: OfficOGC/Gateway Review Process

“The OGC Gateway Process examines programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle. It looks ahead to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage; the process is best practice in central civil government, the health sector, local government and Defence.

OGC Gateway Reviews are applicable to a wide range of programmes and projects including:
– policy development and implementation
– organisational change and other change initiatives
– acquisition programmes and projects
– property/construction developments
– IT enabled business change
– procurements using or establishing framework arrangements

The process is mandatory in central civil government.” Read more

Competitive Dialogue

For the combination of the political, social environmental, social, legal and the technical complexity of Public Private Partnerships, Competitive Dialogue is an adequate procedure to enhance the total quality and governance of PPP. This was brought forward during the PRIMO Round Table in Brussels, the 10th of June 2010. It is consequently a risk management instrument of the first category that should be applied. Here we outline the procedure and give you some interesting links.

“The competitive dialogue differs fundamentally from the ‘ordinary’ public and restricted procedures: the greatest difference lies in the manner in which the request is made. The competitive dialogue begins with a question for which there is no known (unequivocal) answer.

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Risk assessment: Keep it simple

Source: INSEAD Knowledge

“The ability to assess risk and uncertainty is critical for investment banks and businesses. While some may advocate the use of complex models, INSEAD Dean of Faculty and Professor of Decision Sciences, Anil Gaba, believes that if you’re looking to forecast risk, you’d do well to keep it simple.

He’s on a search for convenient rules of thumb – or what he calls ‘frugal parsimonious heuristics’—to help managers and investors make better decisions more easily. There’s been enormous theoretical progress in the past fifty or sixty years in understanding how people should make decisions in business, politics and economics. Read more >

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