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New EU regulation for data protection

The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive reform of the EU’s 1995 data protection rules to strengthen online privacy rights and boost Europe’s digital economy. Technological progress and globalisation have profoundly changed the way our data is collected, accessed and used. In addition, the 27 EU Member States have implemented the 1995 rules differently, resulting in divergences in enforcement. A single law will do away with the current fragmentation and costly administrative burdens, leading to savings for businesses of around €2.3 billion a year. The initiative will help reinforce consumer confidence in online services, providing a much needed boost to growth, jobs and innovation in Europe.  Read more >

The regulation is still in progress and is scheduled medio 2016. For citizens and businesses it is relevant to become aware of the way personal data in your personal and organisational domain are obtained and shared. In fact is all about cyber security and has for many public organisations an increasing relevance. We think it will become an essential part of public governance.

We recommend EU General Data Protection Regulation State of play and 10 main issues by Lead EP Committee: Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Rapporteur: Jan Philipp Albrecht, Greens/EFA

Adresse mail privée pour sa collectivité, mauvaise pratique

Article de la Gazette des Communes 96 % des mairies de moins de 1 000 habitants et 73% des moins de 3 500 habitants n’ont pas d’adresse e-mail professionnelle. La plupart d’entre elles ouvrent des boîtes normalement destinées à un usage privé. Une pratique courante qui cependant pose question en termes d’image, de sécurité et … >>

Dossier sur la Sécurité Informatique

Le magazine l’Essentiel du CIG Grande Couronne consacre un dossier à la Sécurité Informatique des Collectivités. Le fichier PDF est disponible ici (en téléchargement libre).

“la Gendarmerie Nationale et ancien élu d’une ville de plus de 100 000 habitants, est expert en Intelligence économique et sécurité des systèmes d’information. Dorénavant, maître de conférences au Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), il enseigne les fondamentaux de cette science à l’ENA, l’ESSEC et à l’EM Normandie.

Auteur des ouvrages Intelligence Economique et Collectivités territoriales : des stratégies innovantes pour une meilleure valorisation des territoires et Les collectivités territoriales face à la Cybercriminalité, il pointe du doigt la fragilité des systèmes d’information des collectivités. Rémy FÉVRIER a accordé un entretien à L’essentiel afin de nous éclairer sur les risques et la vulnérabilité de collectivités face à la cybercriminalité.”

Rendez-vous en page 6.  >>

UK to tackle cyber risk

UK cyber security: the role of insurance in managing and mitigating the risk

From the formal press release:

“A new report has been published on the joint initiatives between government and the insurance sector to tackle cyber risk.

Last year 81% of large UK businesses and 60% of small companies suffered a cyber security breach. A report published on 23 March by HM Government and Marsh, one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, announces new joint initiatives between government and the insurance sector to help firms get to grips with cyber risk; to establish cyber insurance as part of firms’ cyber toolkits and cement London as the global centre for cyber risk management.

The report, ‘UK cyber security: the role of insurance in managing and mitigating the risk’, has been produced in collaboration with the UK’s insurance market and a number of top UK companies. It aims to make the UK a world centre for cyber security insurance. In particular, it highlights the exposure of firms to cyber attacks among their suppliers with a key agreement that participating insurers will include the government’s Cyber Essentials certification as part of their risk assessment for small and medium businesses.

Cyber threats are estimated to cost the UK economy billions of pounds each year with the cost of cyber attacks nearly doubling between 2013 and 2014. The report found that, while larger firms have taken some action to make themselves more cyber-secure, they face an escalating threat as they become more reliant on online distribution channels and as attackers grow more sophisticated. It issues a call to arms for insurers and insurance brokers to simplify and raise awareness of their cyber insurance offering and ensure that firms understand the extent of their coverage against cyber attack.” Read more >

Information Security and Privacy Risk Survey

We’d like to invite you to PARTICIPATE  in a RESEARCH STUDY we are conducting in association with Zurich, which has sponsored Harvard Business Review (HBR) to help the risk management community to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of how the global risk management community views information security and privacy risk, from its significance within organizations to effective mitigation processes, the financial implications, and emerging international regulations.
  • Learn what processes and actions that other organizations are implementing to predict and prevent information security breaches from occurring.
  • Benchmark your knowledge and views on information security and privacy against those of your peers.

As a Risk Manager, your views on information security and privacy risks are greatly appreciated. This is the first initiative in our quarterly series on Leadership in Risk Management, and the main topics identified from the survey findings will be the focus of our security and privacy webinar later this year.

A subsequent report will then outline the key insights; and we hope that this partnership between Zurich, HBR, FERMA and PRIMO Europe will truly help you control the potential risks in this area of key concern.

This survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, and the final date for responses is Friday, 10 August 2012. As a thank you, upon completion of the survey, you will be able to download a complimentary copy of Harvard Business Review article, “What Every CEO Needs to Know about The Cloud“.

To participate, simply follow THIS LINK

Kind regards,

Organising Government for National Security

In the National Interest: Organising Government for National Security

An anticipatory view on national security From The Demos Annual Security Lecture 2006

“I start with the desirability of taking an anticipatory view of national security. ‘Clear and present dangers’ do of course arise unexpectedly. Such dangers have to be faced with whatever weapons and defences are at hand at the time. That will always be the case, but it is more important now than for some time past that we look ahead and recognise what may lie ahead; preferably, when the prospect of danger is sufficiently clear to justify attention but before the danger becomes present; ideally, acting in advance so as to avert the problem altogether but if not then reducing its likely impact on our lives; and certainly, preventing the needs of the moment crowding out the necessary preparations to face the future with confidence. And a similar statement can and should be made in respect of spotting opportunities when they are real enough prospects, and early enough to allow the necessary investment to capitalise on them. Risk management is about seizing opportunities as well as avoiding loss.”

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