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2015 Global Risk Management Survey


“Our 2015 Global Risk Management survey, compiled from responses from over 1,400 risk management professionals in 60 countries, shows companies grappling with new risks but differing on how they rank and how best to address them. Threats to companies’ reputations and cyber risk rank high among business leaders’ top risk concerns, while economic and regulatory risks along with increased competition and the inability to retain or recruit needed talent continue to rank high.

The survey results offer answers to many key risk management questions including:

  • How do your risk concerns compare to those of your peers worldwide?
  • What’s driving increased or decreased concern over certain exposures?
  • How do some risk concerns vary by region or industry?

Of particular concern from a risk management perspective is the number of exposures on this year’s list that are not traditional insurable risks, showing the need for organizations to skillfully evaluate and address both existing and emerging exposures.”

Source:  Aon

El clima está cambiando

Es momento de actuar

El cambio climático avanza a una velocidad e intensidad más alta de lo previsto. A partir de 1990 se han registrado los 10 años con temperaturas más altas. Esto está provocando el aumento progresivo de la temperatura, la aparición de fenómenos meteorológicos extremos e imprevisibles y la radicalización del clima en ciertas zonas.

Nuestro objetivo es que para 2050 las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, que contribuyen a elevar la temperatura, se hayan reducido alrededor del 80% con relación a los niveles de 1990. Leer más >

Volume loss from Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating

Source: Science

“The floating ice shelves surrounding the Antarctic Ice Sheet restrain the grounded ice-sheet flow. Thinning of an ice shelf reduces this effect, leading to an increase in ice discharge to the ocean. Using eighteen years of continuous satellite radar altimeter observations we have computed decadal-scale changes in ice-shelf thickness around the Antarctic continent. Overall, average ice-shelf volume change accelerated from negligible loss at 25 ± 64 km3 per year for 1994-2003 to rapid loss of 310 ± 74 km3 per year for 2003-2012. West Antarctic losses increased by 70% in the last decade, and earlier volume gain by East Antarctic ice shelves ceased. In the Amundsen and Bellingshausen regions, some ice shelves have lost up to 18% of their thickness in less than two decades.” Read more (paid) >

The ice sheets sitting over Antarctica’s land hold the equivalent of 60 metres of sea level. The key question is why there seem to be an overall underestimation of this aspect of climate change. After all 6o meter is a lot and will ‘drown’ eventually all cities directly situated near the sea, if Antartica continues to melt. Most of the larger cities are in fact. Most countries wil disappear. A political sense of urgency seems to be diverse, fragmented and not focused.  This report of Science is noteworthy.

If public risk management is focused on safeguarding public values, and is a metaphor for good public governance, then we think climate change is a major issue for citizens, society, businesses, the natural environment and of course for politics and government. It is time to join forces.

We also recommend Major Antarctic ice survey reveals dramatic melting by NewScientist.

Aon’s Political Risk Map 2015

A guide to measure risks in emerging markets.

Emerging markets continue to be attractive for businesses seeking alternative areas for growth. However, in less mature economies, assets, contracts and loans can be adversely affected by government action or inaction.

In today’s economic and geopolitical environment, it is crucial for organisations to have a comprehensive high level overview of their exposure to political risk on a portfolio basis.

Planning ahead and adapting risk strategies according to the level of risk in countries of interest is of the utmost importance. Aon is well positioned to provide a first class service in order to assist the client with this. Read more >>

Global Risk Management Survey 2013


Aon’s 2013 Global Risk Management Survey report is part of this process, capturing the latest risk trends and priorities facing companies around the world. The report unveiled the top 10 risks now and three years in the future.

Conducted in Q4 2012, the web-based survey gathered input from 1,415 respondents — a 47 percent increase in respondents from the 2011 survey — from 70 countries in all regions of the world and was conducted in 10 languages. Here are the top 10 risks ranked in the report:

Economic slowdown/slow recovery 1 1
Regulatory/legislative changes 2 2
Increasing competition 3 3
Damage to reputation/brand 4 8
Failure to attract or retain top talent 5 5
Failure to innovate/meet customer needs 6 4
Business interruption 7 11
Commodity price risk 8 7
Cash flow/liquidity risk 9 10
Political risk/uncertainties 10 6

In addition to identifying the top risk concerns facing companies today, the survey findings also cover the following topics:

  • How companies identify and assess risk
  • Approach to risk management and board involvement
  • Risk management functions
  • Insurance markets
  • Risk financing
  • Global programs
  • Captives Read more >

Download report

New highly changeable risk environment

Aftershock: Adjusting to the New World of Risk Management

By Deloitte.
Following the latest global economic crisis, organizations of all types are still operating in a volatile, highly changeable risk environment. In a spring 2012 survey of 192 U.S. executives, Deloitte and Forbes Insights found that many are still working hard to make sense of this environment. In fact, a stunning 91% plan to reorganize and reprioritize their approaches to risk management in some form in the coming three years.

Indeed, survey respondents do not expect the volatility of recent years to subside any time soon. Many are concerned that it will increase: In fact, two-thirds of respondents identified financial risk as having the potential to be even more volatile over the next three years. Read more >

Risk management at the top level in Europe

Source: FERMA

Risk management is now on the agenda for top management, the board and shareholders, which clearly support and sponsor the function. This finding comes from what is probably the most representative ever survey of opinion on risk and insurance management in Europe, the 2010 risk management benchmarking survey of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

The results for 2010 reveal continuing progress in risk management fundamentals but with significant disparities remaining from one company, country or risk management topic to another. Read more >

Result Global CEO Survey: Smarter Growth

13th Annual Global CEO Survey: Setting a smarter course for growth

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

In the 13th Annual Global CEO Survey we hear how businesses leaders responded to the challenges brought about by the recession, the concerns they are facing today and, reflecting on often difficult ‘lessons learned’, their strategies for positioning their companies for the long-term.

The effects of the downturn were far-reaching. Many business leaders contend they should have anticipated the impact and prepared sooner – allowing them more time to consider various strategic options. As we see in the survey, CEOs continue

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