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2015 Global Risk Management Survey


“Our 2015 Global Risk Management survey, compiled from responses from over 1,400 risk management professionals in 60 countries, shows companies grappling with new risks but differing on how they rank and how best to address them. Threats to companies’ reputations and cyber risk rank high among business leaders’ top risk concerns, while economic and regulatory risks along with increased competition and the inability to retain or recruit needed talent continue to rank high.

The survey results offer answers to many key risk management questions including:

  • How do your risk concerns compare to those of your peers worldwide?
  • What’s driving increased or decreased concern over certain exposures?
  • How do some risk concerns vary by region or industry?

Of particular concern from a risk management perspective is the number of exposures on this year’s list that are not traditional insurable risks, showing the need for organizations to skillfully evaluate and address both existing and emerging exposures.”

Source:  Aon

Narim on work floor risk management

Narim conference stresses importance of work floor to risk management

“In recent years risk managers have focused on getting their voice heard in the boardroom, but according to Dutch risk managers, the work floor presents the biggest challenge to embedding risk management throughout an organisation.

A pool of audience members at last week’s Netherlands Association of Risk and Insurance Managers (Narim) congress in Utrecht revealed that 64% consider the work floor the hardest part of the organisation to convince of the benefits of risk management, compared to management (19%) and the boardroom (17%).” >>

Source: Commercial Risk Europe

Climate and insurance

John Scott, CRO Zurich

“When you read what’s written about climate change in the insurance industry, it generally falls into a couple of categories,” Scott says. “It is either broad and high-level, with papers written about the potential future impacts of climate change, or it is focused on adaptation, typically taking an underwriting view around minimising the impact of flooding on property risks.”

Source: Strategic Risk

Risk management at the top level in Europe

Source: FERMA

Risk management is now on the agenda for top management, the board and shareholders, which clearly support and sponsor the function. This finding comes from what is probably the most representative ever survey of opinion on risk and insurance management in Europe, the 2010 risk management benchmarking survey of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

The results for 2010 reveal continuing progress in risk management fundamentals but with significant disparities remaining from one company, country or risk management topic to another. Read more >

Result Global CEO Survey: Smarter Growth

13th Annual Global CEO Survey: Setting a smarter course for growth

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

In the 13th Annual Global CEO Survey we hear how businesses leaders responded to the challenges brought about by the recession, the concerns they are facing today and, reflecting on often difficult ‘lessons learned’, their strategies for positioning their companies for the long-term.

The effects of the downturn were far-reaching. Many business leaders contend they should have anticipated the impact and prepared sooner – allowing them more time to consider various strategic options. As we see in the survey, CEOs continue

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Calling time on an ideal civilisation

Risk analysis on society as a whole: Calling time on progress

Europeans thought they were progressing towards an ideal civilisation. Now time is up, and it hurts

Source: the Economist

“VIEWED from afar, Europeans are a complacent, ungrateful lot. Nannied from cradle to grave by the world’s most generous welfare systems, they squeal like spoiled children when asked to give up just a few of their playthings. As governments in the euro zone trim benefits and raise the retirement age in the wake of the sovereign-debt crisis, a wail of indignation has rung out and a wave of protests set in. “Unfair!” thundered Antonis Samaras, the Greek conservative opposition leader, this week, at the government’s proposed pension-reform plans. “Totally unfair!” howled Martine Aubry, the French opposition Socialist leader, at her country’s attempt to do the same.” Read more >

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