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Press release RMP and PRIMO start partnership

Risk Management Partners (RMP), a leading UK company in the public sector to provide individually insurance programmes, integrate claims management, information management and risk control services that will reduce cost of risk in the medium and long term and Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO) have decided to start a dedicated partnership for 2011 and 2012.

The partnership of RMP and PRIMO is focused on strengthening the dissemination of relevant public risk related information in the Dutch and English language area’s by further investing in newsletter, website and magazine. The second focus point is to contribute to a further development of the PRIMO Academy, which comprises scientific research and education development.

RMP Managing Director Kaz Janowicz, PRIMO Europe President Tom Wustenberghs and PRIMO Founding President Jack P. Kruf are very content with the new partnership and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership.’

Alarm Risk Management Toolkit


Alarm, the public risk management association has launched a new Risk Management Toolkit. Developed in association with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, the Toolkit builds on Alarm’s Core Competencies in Public Service Risk Management and has been designed to provide a ‘how to’ guide to the management of risk in public service organisations.

The Alarm Risk Management Toolkit differs from other risk management guides as it has been designed specifically for individuals working in a public service environment who have responsibility for managing risk or are tasked with implementing or improving the management of risk across their organisation.

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Didier Raciné in Scientific Council

Didier Raciné, Directeur du développement EISTI, Président de l’Euro Méditerranéenne des Risques, Directeur du Mastère Spécialisé “Gestion des Risques sur les Territoires” will step into the scientific council of PRIMO Europe.

With Didier Raciné we welcome a very experienced and respected professor in risk management, not only in France but throughout Europe. He has an excellent network within the European Union. With his new initiative to establish risk education throughout the Mediterranean he is innovative and groundbreaking.

PRIMO Europe expect to intensify the cooperation with the involved institutes and will support the education programs by bringing in knowledge from the perspective of management and government. In cooperation with Didier Raciné, PRIMO Europe will enhance the network of universities throughout Europe involved in risk management.

Mapping Risk Education

Whilst working on the launch of the online course Certificate in Risk Management, together with the European Institute for Risk Management, and discussing the possibilities of close cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean Risk Science Institute, we are mapping the offer of good risk education by European Institutions, Universities and associations.

We think it is important that the offer should focus, of course, and contribute to the awareness and knowledge of the difficult interfaces related to public risk, public management and public governance and covering areas as crisis management, safety, security, risk analysis and communication.

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