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Why Crossrail is a triumph for risk management

April 10, 2015, Strategic Risk

Risk management has been central to the success of Europe’s largest infrastructure project, owing much to sustained engagement with the board and senior management.

At the end of March, Europe’s largest construction venture, Crossrail, initiated the final stages of building a 42km tunnel network under London. Six years ago, the project began with the construction of eight new stations and servicing of 38 existing stations to accommodate the new railway. The completed railway will stretch from Reading and Heathrow to the west of the city, to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. Read more >

Hoe omgaan met overheidsrisico’s bij PPS-Projecten?

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 21.42.38Een leidraad voor risicomanagement

De leidraad van het Vlaams Kenniscentrum PPS en de Vlaamse Overheid wil het beheer van de risico’s verbeteren die in het kader van een PPS-overeenkomst na contractsluiting bij de publieke partij berusten. De publicatie is gebaseerd op nationale en internationale literatuur en kennis en ervaringen van organisaties en partijen die actief zijn op de PPS-markt.

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Competitive Dialogue

For the combination of the political, social environmental, social, legal and the technical complexity of Public Private Partnerships, Competitive Dialogue is an adequate procedure to enhance the total quality and governance of PPP. This was brought forward during the PRIMO Round Table in Brussels, the 10th of June 2010. It is consequently a risk management instrument of the first category that should be applied. Here we outline the procedure and give you some interesting links.

“The competitive dialogue differs fundamentally from the ‘ordinary’ public and restricted procedures: the greatest difference lies in the manner in which the request is made. The competitive dialogue begins with a question for which there is no known (unequivocal) answer.

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Focus on Public Private Partnerships

In it’s summer The Art of Risk Management masterclass on the 10th of June 2010 in Brussels, PRIMO reflected on partnership risk. This is seen as one of the main risks by public entities, according the Risk Survey that Marsh and PRIMO Europe conducted last year. The survey shows that 59% of participants rate partnership risk significant – a similar amount as for public liability and business continuity risks.

All over Europe, unsuccessful projects have increased by the downturn. As a result the number of transactions and the total value has gone down. The companies bidding for projects now find it difficult to raise the capital and finance to carry them out, and public entities have their own problems in this regard, as the institutions funding their debt are running into trouble. These issues will all have impact on the time it takes for a project to reach its financial close and will increase partnership risk, whatever the contractual arrangement.

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