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Focus on Public Private Partnerships

In it’s summer The Art of Risk Management masterclass on the 10th of June 2010 in Brussels, PRIMO reflected on partnership risk. This is seen as one of the main risks by public entities, according the Risk Survey that Marsh and PRIMO Europe conducted last year. The survey shows that 59% of participants rate partnership risk significant – a similar amount as for public liability and business continuity risks.

All over Europe, unsuccessful projects have increased by the downturn. As a result the number of transactions and the total value has gone down. The companies bidding for projects now find it difficult to raise the capital and finance to carry them out, and public entities have their own problems in this regard, as the institutions funding their debt are running into trouble. These issues will all have impact on the time it takes for a project to reach its financial close and will increase partnership risk, whatever the contractual arrangement.

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Saving Globalization from its Cheerleaders

Source: Scientific Council for Government Policy. The Hague, 2008
Introduction by Wim van de Donk

“It is an honour for me to be able to welcome you to this seventh edition of our annual lecture. As you have seen, the theme we have chosen for this year’s lecture is : ‘Saving globalization from its cheer- leaders’. Those of you who were able to attend last year’s lecture will know that the Council is rather fond of the metaphor of dancing. You may remember the impressive performance that was given here on this stage by two of the most talented ballet-dancers we have here in the Netherlands.

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Uncertain safety

We live a relative safe life. But that safety is not a quiet posession. Uncertain risks as infection deseases and climate change brings us to a new challenge in physical safety policy. How we can face that challenge has been described in the report ‘Uncertain Safety’ of the Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (WRR), the Scientific Council for Government Policy. Gerard de Vries, member of the WRR, presented the report during the 2nd Dutch PRIMO Nederland Conference, last October.

Last week the Dutch government has adopted its reaction to this WRR report.The government shares the view of the WRR that uncertainties about risks must be made explicit in decisions about new technologies.

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Province of Noord-Brabant partner

North Brabant has become a new partner of PRIMO Europe. It is a province of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country, bordered by Belgium in the south, the Meuse River (Maas) in the north, Limburg in the east and Zeeland in the west. It has 2,5 million inhabitants and is a leading region in Europe in logistics and high technology. North Brabant is currently divided into 68 municipalities.

The partnership is important to express the importance of risk management. Wil Rutten, CEO: “Risk are emerging at all levels, but the approach of PRIMO is for me the crucial one. It connects political ambition to managerial skills and capacities and is focussed strongly on solutions and taking the chances.

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G20-agenda: risk management

On the 14th of March, next week, the G20 countries are meeting in London to prepare for the global economic summit next month. What will be on the agenda? Financial regulators as tax, funds and bonusses. Of course. But the real focus will be on prevention and avoiding disasters. for the future.

Quite an ambition. It seems to be a first but firm reaction: “The G-20 now has a crucial role in driving forward work between advanced and emerging economies to tackle the international financial and economic crisis, restore worldwide financial stability, lead the international economic recovery and secure a sustainable future for all countries.”

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Organising Government for National Security

In the National Interest: Organising Government for National Security

An anticipatory view on national security From The Demos Annual Security Lecture 2006

“I start with the desirability of taking an anticipatory view of national security. ‘Clear and present dangers’ do of course arise unexpectedly. Such dangers have to be faced with whatever weapons and defences are at hand at the time. That will always be the case, but it is more important now than for some time past that we look ahead and recognise what may lie ahead; preferably, when the prospect of danger is sufficiently clear to justify attention but before the danger becomes present; ideally, acting in advance so as to avert the problem altogether but if not then reducing its likely impact on our lives; and certainly, preventing the needs of the moment crowding out the necessary preparations to face the future with confidence. And a similar statement can and should be made in respect of spotting opportunities when they are real enough prospects, and early enough to allow the necessary investment to capitalise on them. Risk management is about seizing opportunities as well as avoiding loss.”

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