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Aon’s Political Risk Map 2015

A guide to measure risks in emerging markets.

Emerging markets continue to be attractive for businesses seeking alternative areas for growth. However, in less mature economies, assets, contracts and loans can be adversely affected by government action or inaction.

In today’s economic and geopolitical environment, it is crucial for organisations to have a comprehensive high level overview of their exposure to political risk on a portfolio basis.

Planning ahead and adapting risk strategies according to the level of risk in countries of interest is of the utmost importance. Aon is well positioned to provide a first class service in order to assist the client with this. Read more >>

Integratie OCMW in de gemeente

De Vlaamse regering brengt op vrijdag 16 januari in de conceptnota Integratie OCMW in de gemeente naar voren dat een goed hedendaags, sterk en efficiënt sociaal beleid ten bate van de inwoners van de gemeente geïntegreerd dient te zijn in het hele gemeentelijk beleid en wordt gevoerd door een en dezelfde lokale overheid.

De Vlaamse Regering wil met de integratie van het OCMW in de gemeente een sterker geïntegreerd sociaal beleid voor de inwoners van de gemeente realiseren. Zij stelt daarbij een bestuurlijke organisatie voorop waarbij het sociaal beleid binnen de gemeente maximaal geïntegreerd en drempelverlagend is, gevoerd wordt door de democratisch verkozen gemeenteraad en nog efficiënter kan verlopen.

 …integratie van de openbare centra voor maatschappelijk welzijn in de gemeentebesturen: inhoudelijke en procesgerelateerde krijtlijnen…

Deze nota schetst de krijtlijnen waarbinnen de Vlaamse Regering de integratie van het OCMW in de gemeente wil uitwerken tot een ontwerp van decreet. Deze conceptnota zal met het oog op de verdere uitwerking en concretisering voor consultatie aan de belanghebbenden en het Vlaams Parlement worden voorgelegd. De Vlaamse regering beoogt een volledige integratie met ingang van 1 januari 2019. PRIMO constateert dat het woord ‘risico’ niet voorkomt in deze nota. Wel wordt de noodzaak van een implementatietraject geschetst, maar dit wordt op dit moment niet nader ingevuld.

Download conceptnota ‘Integratie OCMW in gemeente’


Rising activity in the Arctic

The Arctic Council is becoming increasingly important and must be subject to better control

Source: Riskrevisjonen

Climate change and increased accessibility poses significant environmental challenges in the Arctic. – Rising activity in the Arctic makes cooperation in the Arctic Council increasingly important. The Council can become more effective with better controls, organisation and reporting, says Auditor General Per-Kristian Foss.

The investigation shows that the Arctic Council suffers from impractical organisation and management of the work is deficient as regards priorities, financing and reporting. For instance, the Council’s working groups function differently as regards mandate, activities and performance.

Read more >

IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produced the report of IPCC Working Group II. It confirmed that the climate change now is influencing all continents and oceans. And more than that: we are simply not ready for the risks we face. The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) brings forward the latest scientific knowledge and insights related to climate change. Read more >

Rotterdam Climate Initiative

As a low-lying delta city with Europe’s largest international port, Rotterdam takes its responsibility seriously in creating a sustainable city, region and Europe. By linking sustainable ambitions to a strong economy, Rotterdam will become the most sustainable world port city.

Improving the climate for the benefit of people, the environment, and the economy; that is the challenge confronted by the collective initiators; Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, employers’ organization Deltalinqs, and DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond.

A clean, green and healthy city where sustainability contributes to a strong economy.  This is the ambition the Rotterdam Municipal Executive wants to work on with the new Rotterdam Sustainability Programme. Reducing carbon emission by half, preparing for the consequences of climate change, improving air quality and reducing noise are the main topics of the programme. The Municipal Executive will invest 31 million euros in order to achieve the green ambitions. Read more >

Paris: Seine flood

Paris should prepare now for risk of a costly Seine flood

January 24, 2014, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Quote press-release:

“24/01/2014 – A major flooding of the Seine River similar to the flood disaster of 1910 could affect up to 5 million residents in the greater Paris area and cause up to 30 billion euros worth of damage, according to a new OECD report. Economic growth, jobs and public finances could also be significantly affected.

The OECD Review on Flood Risk Management of the Seine River – commissioned by the Basin Organisation Seine Grands Lacs with the French Ministry of Ecology and Ile-de-France regional council – recommends that city officials work to raise risk awareness among citizens and businesses and improve the resilience of the metropolitan area to flood risks.

Recent floods in Europe and New York City’s Hurricane Sandy disaster in 2012 illustrated the vulnerability of today’s ever-denser cities to flooding and the need to adapt critical infrastructure systems to be able to cope with extreme weather events. The 1910 Paris flood took several weeks to subside.

“The impact on Paris of a major flood would be much greater today than a century ago, with serious economic and social consequences on top of the temporary disruption and material losses,” said Rolf Alter, Director of the OECD’s Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate. “The better Paris prepares itself to manage this risk and improve its resilience, the less vulnerable it will be, to the benefit of the city and the country.” Read more >

Read Executive summary

WWF’s Perspective on Climate Change

By WWF (quote from page 10)

“Climate change is threatening up to 1/3 of animal species with extinction. While the impacts of global warming are only just starting, the decisions that are influencing those impacts are being made now.

Climate change threatens to undo everything that conservation organizations like WWF have achieved over the last half-century. Polar bears may make the headlines, but in reality very few species will be unaffected by a changing climate.

Many species could become extinct. Even entire ecosystems – such as coral reefs, mountain habitats, and large blocks of tropical rainforests such as the Amazon – could completely disappear. Some plants and animals that have adapted to their environment over millions of years are vulnerable to even slight changes in temperature and rainfall. Warming and acidifying seas threaten coral reefs and krill – the basis of the marine food chain in many parts of the world. Large mammals like whales may be forced to travel further in search of food, often leaving the safety of the protected areas that WWF and others have fought so hard to secure.

Exploration for oil, coal and gas – and the transportation and infrastructure associated with it – is also a threat to many species. These activities include coal port expansion on the Great Barrier Reef, oil exploration on the edge of the Congo’s mountain gorilla habitat, and crude oil marine export off the lush west coast of Canada. In each of these places, we risk wildlife being a part of the price we pay for our current investment decisions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Human beings will not be immune to the consequences of a changing climate. WWF’s mission is to protect the magnificent array of living things that inhabit our planet and to create a healthy and prosperous future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Solving the energy crisis is fundamental to this, whatever tough choices and challenges it brings. Read more >



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