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Gateway Review Process

One of the key factors in risk management is control over your programme or project. The Office of Government Commerce (OGC), developed a review process te enhance the quality of management.

Source: OfficOGC/Gateway Review Process

“The OGC Gateway Process examines programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle. It looks ahead to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage; the process is best practice in central civil government, the health sector, local government and Defence.

OGC Gateway Reviews are applicable to a wide range of programmes and projects including:
– policy development and implementation
– organisational change and other change initiatives
– acquisition programmes and projects
– property/construction developments
– IT enabled business change
– procurements using or establishing framework arrangements

The process is mandatory in central civil government.” Read more

The Art of Risk Management

Amsterdam is midway through the construction project of the north-south metro line (photo © ANP). The 8-year project began in 2002 and is costing €1.7billion, double the figure projected in 1996! But there are hugh problems realizing it. Where the risks underestimated? The contracts not well designed? Council and alderman amateurs? The managers, planners and civil engineers inadequate or not in control ? Or was it the attitude of central government?

Former Minister Veerman will lead the commission which will investigate the course of this project, with one mission: to audit the quality of risk management. Finally! Recognition of risk management as a true profession and a crucial factor for proper project management and good public governance. Is risk management perhaps an art in reaching goals and targets within budget and on time?

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