Importance of local authorities

Sharing a common goal: local authorities as crucial factor

The The Committee of Regions underlines the importance of local authorities in sharing a common goal, such as the challenges associated with global warming. The multi-level governance approach could lead to a true cooperation in the governance of common risks that we face. Local authorities can function as building blocks to develop a common strategy, crucial for public management and governance. To realise this, PRIMO Europe argues that we need to share the knowledge. This is the mission statement of the Organisation. The meeting last year with Luc Van den Brande, former Chairman of the Committee, underlines the importance of a multi-level governance in addressing and managing risks.

The Committee of the Regions: “The wide political support for the Covenant of Mayors initiative was evident at the second annual signing ceremony held in Brussels on 4 May. Many members of the CoR have already signed the Covenant of Mayors, pledging on behalf of their town or city to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. But the CoR has ambitions to go even further: at the June plenary session a new call will be made for all CoR members to sign the pledge, either as full signatories, or as so-called ‘supporting structures’.”

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