Saint-Etienne and pandemic flu

The city of Saint-Etienne has taken a renewing initiative to arm itself (the workforce)) against the risk of a pandemic flu. This initiative is a pilot, a remedy to improve the processes. The initiative can be fully integrated into all running projects.

The aim of such system is maintaining an optimal level of services and simultaneously protection of the workforce despite the risk of lack of functioning.

The challenge of this project consists of the ability of the employees to deal with a shortage of the personnel. Moreover the workforce has to anticipate to overburdening by the crises, but also a decrease of the risk of an epidemic distribution by leaving affected people at home. Communities are the first to deal with the consequences of the crisis.

Therefor part of the communal plan is focussed on continuity of services. The protective measures for the workforce and the naming of specific tasks which must be fulfilled during a health crisis are also part of the plan. These steps assure a better control and management. This is the beginning of pro-active and strategic thinking!

PRIMO France rewarded this initiative and the city of Saint-Etienne with The PRIMO Risk Management Award 2008 in the category of Strategic Risk.

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