Rotterdam Climate Initiative

As a low-lying delta city with Europe’s largest international port, Rotterdam takes its responsibility seriously in creating a sustainable city, region and Europe. By linking sustainable ambitions to a strong economy, Rotterdam will become the most sustainable world port city.

Improving the climate for the benefit of people, the environment, and the economy; that is the challenge confronted by the collective initiators; Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, employers’ organization Deltalinqs, and DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond.

A clean, green and healthy city where sustainability contributes to a strong economy.  This is the ambition the Rotterdam Municipal Executive wants to work on with the new Rotterdam Sustainability Programme. Reducing carbon emission by half, preparing for the consequences of climate change, improving air quality and reducing noise are the main topics of the programme. The Municipal Executive will invest 31 million euros in order to achieve the green ambitions. Read more >

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