Risks on Climate Change: it gets worse

In Copenhagen Scientists and politicians are discussing this week during the “International Scientific Congress on Climate Change the “global risks, challenges and decisions on climate change”. All organized by the University of Copenhagen.

What are the risks we are facing and how do they impact us this century. Four leading experts brought forward that sea levels appear to be rising almost twice as rapidly as forecasted two years ago: 50 to 100 cm by 2100. If this is true we need to prepare ourselves. The conference in Copenhagen is a chance for science to awaken the politicians, which will meet by the end of this year on the Copenhagen 2009 Climate Conference. How to convince politicians, in fact they represent us, so how to convince ourselves, that it is getting worse and that the conference to come is important for the climate.

Risk management will start for politicians with taking the scientist very serious and trust there predictions. Otherwise new risks from nature and ecosystems will emerge and expand further and have impact on our cities, our people, our nature itself, our lives. It will have hugh impact on city management all along the worlds coastlines and area’s under sealevel.

The Greenland icesheet, Danmark, seems to play a keyrole here. Copenhagen therefor is the place to be.

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