Resilience Festival

Risk & Resilience Festival theme held on risk meets resilience for a sustainable future

Michel Klompmaker

On the 7th of November, the third edition of the Risk & Resilience Festival was held by the University of Twente, Genootschap Risicomanagement and PRIMO in Enschede where the theme surrounding this riveting event was “Risk meets Resilience for a Sustainable Future”.

The overarching theme was also split into eight subthemes, which were resilience, vision & strategy, legal & compliance, technology, financial risks, human factor, operations & safety and data analytics. Around 100 speakers attended the event to share their knowledge and experiences together with about 750 people. Highlights of the event included three keynote speakers and the handing out of awards.

This article will particularly give focus to four presentations given by speakers of the operations & safety subtheme.

  • Safety and Risk Management for Public Infrastructures and Industrial Design by Pieter van Gelder and Mohammad Rajabalinejad
  • Managing Risk and Resilience: A Levers of Control Approach by Ian McCarthy
  • Modeling and Analysis of Integration Risks Across Domains of Socio-technical Systems by Mohsen Jafari
  • Data-driven Bridge Damage Detection Based on Vibration Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) by Lisandro A. Jimenez Roa

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