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Martin van  Staveren finalized his dissertation about the “Design propositions for Implementing Risk Management in Organizations”.  His study is an in depth search for the mysteries of  human soul and the related behaviour.

He concludes that “Managing risk is difficult, applying risk management is more difficult and implementing risk management in organizations is the most difficult.

Risk management is about handling uncertainty, with which most people feel rather uncomfortable. Moreover, risk management has a preventive character. This means doing something to avoid something else happening. However, in most situations there is no direct relationship between the application and benefits of risk management. Otherwise, private and public organizations operating in our globalizing world are highly vulnerable to risk. Therefore, an increasing number of managers and executives acknowledge that the risk of not routinely applying risk management is unacceptable for their organizations, as well as for shareholders and other stakeholders.”

The book of Martin van Staveren, Director of Geodelft and Deltares, partners of PRIMO Nederland, is based on studies in Europe, United States and Africa.  It gives a new perspective on the complexity of risk management. Are our present models for public risk management too simple seen from the perspective of the complexity of relation in the public domain, our social cohesion and economic stability. After reading this book, you feel that risk management is in his early youth.

And that risk management is a keyfactor for innovation. And is this not where we all go for in times of crisis.

On the 17 april 2009 Martin will present his dissertation at the Twente University in Enschede, The Netherlands.

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