Risk Governance and Resilience


Risk Governance and Resilience: New Approaches to Cope with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

By Ortwin Renn and Andreas Klinke

This chapter will address the major functions of the risk governance process: Each of these stages is described in the light three aspects of resilience: adaptive management capability, coping capability, and participative pre-estimation, interdisciplinary risk estimation (including scientific risk assessment and concern assessment), risk characterization and risk evaluation, and risk management, including decision-making and implementation (based on the IRGC risk governance model) capability.

Furthermore, the chapter expands this perspective by suggesting four different forms of public and stakeholder involvement for coping with the three aspects of resilience, including a strategy where all none of the three aspects matter. The chapter concludes with some general remarks about the relationship between governance and resilience. Read more.

Foto: Ortwin Renn by Andreas Heddergott



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