Centre for Risk management, Safety and Security

Risk and safety to be themes new centre for Risk management, Safety and Security

Source: University of Twente

At the opening of the Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security various speakers will stress the importance they attach to how their organizations deal with risk and safety. The speakers are: Prof. dr. Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus, University of Twente; Prof. mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven; Mr. drs. Jan Kees de Jager, outgoing Minister of Finance; General (Rtd) Dick Berlijn; Prof. dr. Melvin Samsom, Chair, UMC St Radboud Board of Directors; Capt. Bart de Vries, Vice President, Boeing 737 KLM; and Prof. dr. Kees Aarts, Scientific Director, Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, University of Twente. The astronaut André Kuipers will address the audience with a video message.

They will ask themselves how organizations can prepare for crisis situations. How do organizations learn from past events where safety was in jeopardy? How are risks analysed, and at what level? How does decision-making take place in crisis situations? How is the communication between partner organizations? What role does public perception play? Each speaker will consider risks, safety and security from a different perspective and a different background. “That awareness, willingness to acquire relevant knowledge, analyse data and make appropriate changes would seem to be vital to controlling risk better, in industry and commerce, the public sector and the emergency services alike”, says dr. Irna van der Molen (Coordinator, Centre for Risk Management, Safety and Security). Read more >

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