Dramatic changes in the risk landscape

Risk and Confidence Survey: taking the pulse of business. Spring ’18

Source: CNA Hardy.

‘Perfect storm’ of risk suppresses confidence
Over the past six months there have been some dramatic changes in the risk landscape.

Cyber and regulatory risk have pushed political and economic risk off the risk radar. As the frequency and severity of cyber risk increases and oversight, via the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) steps up, so the threat of substantial nes is commanding C-suite attention.

Dave Brosnan, CEO, CNA Hardy:

“In our Autumn ‘17 Risk and Con dence survey we highlighted how companies’ failure to recognise a trio of boardroom risks – corporate, regulatory and supply chain – was threatening growth plans. In this report, we are pleased to note that companies have re-calibrated regulatory risk. However, in our view, they are still not giving corporate and supply chain risk the attention they deserve. It’s difficult to think of a time when corporate and supply chain risks have been higher. In our view, companies risk failing down the line if they don’t address these risks in a prompt manner.”




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