Result Global CEO Survey: Smarter Growth

13th Annual Global CEO Survey: Setting a smarter course for growth

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

In the 13th Annual Global CEO Survey we hear how businesses leaders responded to the challenges brought about by the recession, the concerns they are facing today and, reflecting on often difficult ‘lessons learned’, their strategies for positioning their companies for the long-term.

The effects of the downturn were far-reaching. Many business leaders contend they should have anticipated the impact and prepared sooner – allowing them more time to consider various strategic options. As we see in the survey, CEOs continue to work to strengthen their organisations while seeking opportunities emerging from structural shifts in their industries, economies and regulatory environments. They recognise that the decisions they make today, dealing with issues like cash management and cost pressures, will have a lasting impact on their companies’ competitive position. The ability to understand and respond to the structural shifts underway, and to improve risk management capabilities, will be fundamental considerations as CEOs plan their course for growth.

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