Renewing PP-Partnership

By Eulalio Avila Cano  & Rainier D-Haussonville.

Infrastructure investment needs in Europe are driven by consumer trends and expectations, climate and resources pressures as well as the need to meet the requirements and objectives of an evolving European regulatory framework. It is paramount that the current economic circumstances and generalized public budgetary constraints do not take their toll on implementations and pace of those much needed investments.

This requires an optimization of the use of public resources and innovation in areas that are central to the EU’s gestation towards a greener and resource-efficient economy, as underpinned by the Europe 2020 Strategy, whilst balancing the aspiration for high quality public services with efficient and innovative delivery. This innovation is not only technological. Innovations in governance models, the use of innovative financial tools and optimized risk management practices is equally needed. The need to promote partnership between public and private sectors geared towards boosting investments in local and regional infrastructure and services must remain a priority in the medium to long term.

Whilst many avenues can be pursued to reconcile social cohesion, economic attractiveness and environmental constraints, Public Private Partnerships provide an interesting solution to finance and manage equipment and services by private partners, and thereby facilitating access to innovative technologies and performance-based services.

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