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After its focus – in the last 12 years of its existence – on public risks related to local and regional governance and management, the PRIMO Europe organisation concluded during the Paris 2017 meeting that a more integral and holistic approach in public governance is needed.

It launched the PRIMO Public Resilience Forum, an international platform for exploration and knowledge sharing. While the existing Public Risk Forum focuses on the promotion of enter prise risk management approaches in public organisations and in the public domain in general, this platform take one step further. It brings the association closer to its roots, that of city management and governance.

The board concluded to work in 2017/2018 on a framework which could enable councillors and managers to approach more complex public issues and transitions with the design of systematic changes in public organisations and their partnerships. The framework was launched as FORTE™ Framework. it was agreed in December 2018 to test and improve it during  the year 2019.

The meeting in Paris resulted into a conclusion that public risk related issues are more and more connected to the actual resilience of cities and regions. It concluded to participate in the Risk & Resilience Festival initiative of the Twente University, starting the development of the Class ‘Regional Resilience’, cooperate with St. Thomas University on Risk Leadership and develop a Class ‘Result in Times of Transition’ with Tilburg University.

The Public Resilience Forum connects city and regional governors, managers and experts in sharing knowledge and experience related to the thinking about and acting according resilience principles.

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