PRIMO Risk Management Award for the City of Utrecht

The city of Utrecht received the PRIMO Risk Management Award for their excellent organisation of Le Grand Départ de Tour de France 2015. On the 9th of December 2016, chairman of PRIMO Nederland, Michel Bezuijen, handed over the award to the mayor of the municipality of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen.

The choice for Utrecht was based on the ‘excellent’ in the evaluation report by the Utrecht University, the way the project team built in risk management in their daily work and the direct and open communication lines to the top of the organisation, i.e. the governing council and the city manager/CEO.

The way the team created awareness for risk management as an integral part for success and the actual implementation during the preparation and the event were crucial factors for this acknowledgement. With project director Martijn van Hulsteijn in steering position, the city of Utrecht showed us how an example organisation for a great event looks like.

The city of Utrecht has – in good collaboration with all involved stakeholders such as provincial and national government, safety regions, business enterprises, social organisations, volunteers and citizens – , proved, before and behind the scenes, that at all time and systematically financial and safety risks where  at the table, openly discussed and adequately managed.

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