PRIMO launches FORTE™ Online for teams

In times when physical encounters are very limited or even forbidden, in times of the need to act, in times when qualitime and quality meet, it is useful that as a team you are able to quickly and adequately explore the steering power with regard to the issue of problem you are facing. Actor, value, and object are connected by dialogue and decision about the governance.

PRIMO offers the knowledge tool FORTE™ Online (‘A new spring, a new sound’ from today, 20 March 2020, the knowledge instrument FORTE™ Online: practical, thorough, fast, non-profit, independent and immediately accessible for its members. The first use of the knowledge instrument is part of the membership. The tool is a curated and standardized questionnaire regarding delivering the value (e.g. resilience, safety, cohesion, service delivery, product, project) and focuses on finding the right governance. Safe, trusted and privacy guaranteed.

To be able to navigate – especially in times of crisis – the basis of success is to stay in constant contact with each other, share knowledge and insights (to the max) and adjust accordingly.

Your elements of steering

Based on a 2018-2019 survey of public managers, PRIMO has identified five key elements of governance that largely determine the administrative power and organisational capacity in value creation and delivery. This knowledge is bundled, scientifically curated, substantiated and published and now equipped with a dashboard. The elements:

  • Finance and Compliance.
  • Orientation to and knowledge of customer or target group, its own focus on delivery.
  • Stewardship, connective leadership and culture in the team.
  • Availability of tools, people and techniques to deliver what we have intended.
  • Connection with environment and stakeholders in cooperation, orientation and above all working contracts.
Your questions
  1. What does our team think it needs to be able to act and complete the assignment
  2. What is the most important value (e.g. project, plan realization, crisis approach, resilience, delivery), which we as a team (actor) have to deliver to the object (citizen, business, society, target groups)?
  3. What is seen as the greatest deviation from or damage to that value (=risk) as we are now working or organized?
  4. What drives this anomaly or risk? Where is the cause (e.g. events, culture, leadership styles, team skills, external trends or developments)?
  5. What is the knowledge and understanding of each team member about the needed elements of governance?
  6. What is the combined image of the team: where are differences, how is the spread, what are the similarities?
  7. What do we conclude now as a team based on these insights?
  8. What can we pick up directly with this knowledge to improve? Right away!
  9. What will it be necessary from tomorrow to tighten the steering?
Measuring collective knowledge is key to high dynamics: your approach
  1. You have a question about how best to address the issue before your team.
  2. You email us and receive a link to FORTE™ online.
  3. You ask your team (can be registered and anonymous) to score (10 minutes of fill-in time).
  4. If the score has been completed, you will receive the same day an overview with scores (high, low, average, degree of dispersion and deviation, striking points).
  5. You can apply the results directly for dialogue and decision making.
PRIMO is ready for you, 24/7

You can contact Esther van Zijp, John O’Dea or Jack Kruf. If you would like to make use of a broader commitment of FORTE™ Online  in your organisation or you are not yet a member of our association, please contact us.

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