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PRIMO Europe chooses a new board and honours its outgoing members

On the 3rd of September 2020, PRIMO Europe held its yearly General Assembly and has chosen a new board.

Gérard Combe (member and president of PRIMO France), John O’Dea (Secretary-General), Ronny Frederickx (member, Executive Director of UDITE) and Jack Kruf (President) will step back from the board. Gérard, John and Ronny are appointed in the PRIMO Council of Advice. Gérard, John and Ronny are formally appointed as honorary members of PRIMO Europe. Jack was awarded in 2009 as Hon. Founding President.

Newly elected in the board are Rebecca Dalli Gonzi (Secretary-General), Luc Kupers (member), Saskia Wiersma (member). Simon Grima, Tom Wustenberghs and Wouter Slob (now President) are re-elected and complete the new board, together with Paul Gatt (President UDITE).

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